About Thailand Home Nursing Services

logo2 jpgIf you live or are temporarily staying in Phuket Thailand Home Nursing Services could be the best news yet.

If you have had an accident and need your dressing changed ?

We can send an experienced nurse to your home to change your dressing, all for just B1,000.

 If you are you caring for a sick person at home and need a break?

We can send an experienced nurse to take care whilst you can get a break. Available from one hour up to 24 hours 7 days per week.

 If you are you living alone and sick do you need an experienced nurse to stay with you?

We can help and we always tell you the costs before providing any service, unlike most hospitals.

Do you need to hire or buy a wheelchair, walking frame or crutches?

We can help.

Our nursing staff are much better paid than hospital nurses and are required to work less hours.

And furthermore they all speak Thai and English.

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